Casey Spelman wasn’t after fame, nor was she after attention. All she wanted to do was help the man hail a cab.

Random acts of kindness are truly timeless and this one is no different. See, after a Chicago Cubs game, a blind man was trying to catch a cab to no success. Until Casey walked over.

Witness Ryan Hamilton was on a rooftop near Wrigley Field and he snapped a few shots of the moment he was witnessing. Then 26-year-old Spelman stood beside the blind man and hailed a cab for him.

“I didn’t really think much of it at the time,” Spellman said. “It was after a Cubs game and it was still pretty crowded. I thought, ‘Man, it’s going to take him a while.’”

She even asked the man whether he wanted to sit in front or the back.

Casey is from Indianapolis and she was visiting friends in the Wrigleyville area. The blind man was identified as Yusef Dale, an assistant U.S. attorney in Chicago.

“Do you want some help getting a cab?”

“He said, ‘Yeah, you sound pretty, so cabs will probably stop for you before me,’”

Dale joking responded.

Casey and Dale talked about baseball, the crowd, and the afternoon game while she stepped out on to the street to flag down a cab. A taxi pulled up after a few minutes, and before Dale got in, he and Casey embraced.

Ryan Hamilton’s caption read,

“Wanted to give a shout-out to this girl. No idea who she is, but we are in Wrigleyville on the rooftop of Old Crow Smokehouse. There was a blind Cubs fan trying to hail a cab for several minutes until the lady came up and asked him if he needed help hailing a cab. She stood there with him until one pulled up. Awesome to see such kindness in a world that the media portrays so much hate in. Share freely in hopes that her kindness spreads.”

It’s a Facebook post that’s gotten over 38,000 likes and reacts. And why shouldn’t it?

Casey doesn’t think she’s a hero and only hopes that her viral act serves as a positive lesson for others. And even though this happened years ago, small acts of kindness have that wonderful effect of rippling out in to the world.

Spelman is a speech and language pathologist for the deaf at an Indiana school.

She goes on to say that we should treat others equally, regardless of disability or other differences. The world would be a much better place if we all practiced her motto. We couldn’t agree more.

There’s so much division and fear but Casey’s selfless act may be just the spark you need to go out and help others in unsavory situations.

Casey Spelman proved to the world that even the smallest act of kindness holds so much power for change.

Hit play below to witness Casey’s viral act!

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