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What happens in an eye test?
There are three main parts involved in our typical eye tests:

History and symptoms
This gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about your eyes, vision or current glasses, and whether you’re experiencing any symptoms which might need further investigation. Your optometrist will ask about your general health, medications, any past treatment on your eyes, or if there are any family members with eye conditions. All this information helps them to tailor the examination to best suit your needs.

The tests
We use a variety of tests and equipment to assess different aspects of your eye health and vision. Some are common to all eye tests – for example, the letter chart indicates how clearly you can see – while others may be used when further investigations are required, for example, to check if your eyes can see colour normally.

Some of the common tests, like the visual field test and the eye pressure test (puff of air test), can be performed by an optical assistant on behalf of the optometrist before the eye examination. These are known as pre-tests and help to make the process more efficient.

Summary and advice
Once all the relevant tests have been carried out, your optometrist will be able to discuss the results and offer any advice. This could be a simple ‘all clear’ on the eye health front, or they might talk you through particular lens options to match your prescription and lifestyle.

Treatments for any eye conditions are also discussed at this point, as well as possible referral to a specialist.

What happens in the pre-test?
Before your full eye examination, you will have what is known as a pre-test with one of our optical assistants. They will also make sure that your confidential customer record is accurate and up-to-date.

The optometrist uses the result of the pre-test during your eye examination. Depending on your individual needs, a variety of different pieces of diagnostic equipment will be used in the pre-test, including: