There are some words you should never use. Many of these words disparage a particular group of people, and others are just so offensive that nobody wants to hear them. When Steve Harvey’s wife posted the word “retarded” on her social media page, the public flew into a rage. Because he didn’t want to leave his wife out to dry, Steve Harvey rushed in to try to mitigate the problem and defend his wife’s offensive usage of the term.

The video on Instagram shows Marjorie Harvey, the game show, and talk show host’s wife, using the offensive word as she and Steve cut fruit in the kitchen. She decides to use the video as a tool to get back at her husband after they had an argument about cutting fruits and vegetables. But her word choice ended up causing a huge controversy that required the Family Feud host to come to her rescue.

In the clip, Marjorie and Steve are having a fun time. But when Marjorie says the following, viewers are stunned and outraged.

“I’m sitting here arguing with my husband, ’cause clearly he thinks I’m retarded [and] I don’t know how to cut a beet.”

She shared the offensive video on Instagram last Monday. And the clip quickly accumulated more than 400,000 views.

Marjorie Harvey has 1.7 million followers on Instagram. She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

And when her fans heard her using the “R” word, they lost a lot of respect for her.

“Using the R word in a negative/derogatory way is demeaning to others, regardless of whether she is using it toward herself or others,” wrote one user. “Just something to simply think about when using that word as an insult … in other words, just don’t.”

Another Instagram user has a daughter with Down syndrome. She was also offended by Marjorie Harvey writing, “There are people like me, my family, my daughter who has Down syndrome, who are all hurt by the implication you made.”

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