This story was first published 15 years ago in the media. Vladik, an 8-year old Dobryanka schoolboy, runs the household and cares for his semi-paralysed mother. All over the globe, people were stunned, some admired, and others were shocked: How is it possible?

This family’s fate is not easy. The father of the boy was a drinker. His mother couldn’t bear it so she left him. She settled down with her small child in a small house in the village, as they were unable to find anywhere else to live.

Although it was hard, there wasn’t enough money to feed two people. Vlad was eight years old when trouble struck their family. His mother suffered a stroke and was left paralysed.

He was without his father at the time. This left a young schoolboy in misery. The nearest thing he has is an orphanage. Vlad was not a man who would accept his fate. He wouldn’t give up on his mother. He would do anything for his mother to get back on her feet, just like a real man.

Vlad was fortunate to have a neighbor take custody. She settled all issues through social services. However, the boy must continue to manage his own affairs.

Vlad was 16 years old when the media discovered more about Vlad and his mother. The story didn’t leave anyone indifferent. Even the officials were able to help the boy. Just think about it, he took care of his mother and cooked, washed, and cleaned.

It was also difficult at times. My mother’s health deteriorated and she stopped speaking. The boy didn’t give up. He sat down every evening with a book beside his mother, and taught her how to pronounce and speak again.

Vlad was unable to fully heal Tatiana. Her treatment required a lot. He didn’t have any. He didn’t give up and did all he could to help his mother. His efforts paid off: his mother began to speak again.

Vlad didn’t drop out of school, which is the most remarkable thing. Vlad also joined sports sections, making great progress. He was the best student he knew, and he was always praised by his coach.

Vlad is doing well on a personal level. They have been together since highschool, and they were in love and married. He was not alone in his troubles, as Nastya assisted him in caring for his mother who was sick.

The guy is now 24 years old and works as a welder in his hometown.

The family moved from an old wooden home to an apartment that was given them by local authorities. They continue to support the Kudryashovs.

Vlad continues to work tirelessly for a brighter future for his family. He is a kind, brave, and hardworking man who knows that everything will work out for his mother. His story, both terrifying and thrilling at the same moment, will always be cherished by people.