This ginger dog is just usual dog. In the city Bangkok thera ara many dogs like him. People in the city smile and called them “courtyards” for the reason that they inhabit all city courtyards in amplitude.

However, people can’t imagine that one of that dogs which name is Pugh, one day will be the most famous dog in Thailand due to his unbelivable intelligence!

One day Pug was just walking around Bangkok. His way ran through one of the city dumps.

Like other dogs, Pugh loved landfills and always goes there. And that time Pugh listened strange sounds from nearby trash can.

The sound attract dog’s attention and he climed there to see what is inside and there was just simple package. The dog take the package and take to nearest garden.

The dog went a place where were many people, he put the strange find one flood and started to yap loudly to attract people’s attention.

One of the people came to the dog when he listen the distressful calls of the dog . He was annoyed by dog’s yap and want to go away from god, but then he saw the strong package

The man think there is a little cat in package, but when he opened it , he was shoked, there was barely a living human baby!

People understand that kis was dying. The baby’s face was blue and could hardly breathe.

The dog was watching the man around him and for sure that man speedly called the police and ambulance.

Doctors took the baby to hospital.

The newborn baby now is feeling good. Doctors saved his life. Doctors say that the baby would definitely not have survived, if it were not for the courageous Pugh.

Pugh became a real city hero when local reporters learned about the scene. Even the mayor of the city learned about the famous history!

The mayor ordered to give the heroic dog a personalized necklace. Now everyone will know that the dog is the very same Pugh. The incident is a great example of how intelligent and loyal dogs are. Really, a dog is man’s best friend and attendant!