Ann was an extremely devoted, sensitive and caring woman. She was very attentive to her husband, took care of his appearance, delicious food, and good rest. This 40-year-old woman was an accountant by profession and would have reached great heights if she had made a career, but after graduating from university, she got married and became a housewife who fully provided the warm atmosphere of the house. The husband worked in an international cargo transportation company as a deputy director. They had a daughter who was married a long time ago and had her own family.

Recently, Ann noticed that her husband came home late and behaved strangely. One day she noticed a woman’s perfume on her husband’s shirt, a blonde woman’s hair on her husband’s jacket, and another day she saw a love message on her husband’s phone. She read and realized that her suspicions were correct, her husband was cheating on her. He was socializing and having fun with several women of the same time.

This was fatal news for Ann. She went into the bathroom and had a terrible cry, then she tidied up and showed her husband that nothing had happened.

The next morning, she lovingly prepared breakfast for her husband and said: “You’ve never had a breakfast like this and you’ll miss this breakfast,” the husband smiled, then the wife helped him tie his tie and said, “Have a good day, you probably won’t be able to tie your tie this well again.” Her husband didn’t understand anything.

As soon as her husband leaved the house, Ann quickly got ready and went to the bank. She withdrawed all the money in her bank account, packed her suitcase and wrote a letter saying: “Darling, I have loved and been devoted to you, I sacrificed my career to be a good wife for you and took care of our family. I have always tried to make you look flawless, eat tasty and healthy food, feel comfortable and happy, I have always tried to understand and be kind to you. In return, I received betrayal from you, you responded to my care with betrayal.

Be happy, I hope your mistresses can not only entertain you but also take care of you…I’m leaving, forever.”

Leaving the letter on the kitchen, she leaved. After some time, Ann got a job as an accountant. She achieved great results, earned well and met a new love at work, with whom she connected her life.

Her husband was not depressed after finding the letter, at that moment he didn’t understand who and what he lost. He understood his wife when his mistresses left him after being raped, and he remained alone with his worries and only now understands who he has lost.

Appreciate the love and care you receive, or one day God will take his gift from you…