Grandpa Steve lived in a remote village. He had two sons who didn’t return to the village after studying and living in the city. Their father bought apartments for them.

The sons got married and continued to live in the city without thinking of their father and returning to the village. Parents did not want to leave their village house, but when Steve’s wife died, he already wanted to move to his sons.

At first he visits to the house of his eldest son, who was happy to receive him, but for the sake of a permanent stay told him that there would be no room.
At the next day, he visited his younger son, whose two children were sleeping in separate rooms, but he also said that he had no place for his father to stay.

Grandpa Steve didn’t expect such behavior from his sons and decided to punish them.

He went back to the village and adopted the 16-year-old child of his neighbours. The boy’s parents had died recently and he was left alone, he treated Grandpa Steve like his own father, taking care and helping him in any matter.

Grandfather Steve bequeathed to the boy all the property he had accumulated over the years, along with two apartments in the city he had bought for his sons. Leaving nothing to his close sons.