Scientists have proved that between 16 and 22 weeks of pregnancy, baby may start to hear faint sounds inside body such as the noise made by breathing, heartbeat, and digestion. These sounds will grow louder as baby’s hearing improves.

And after 23 weeks, a little one will be able to make out partner’s voice, and other sounds from outside mother’s womb. Noises from inside body muffle the sounds baby hears, but they can hear mother’s voice more clearly than all others.

Flavio Dantas from Brazil was very excited when he learned about his wife’s pregnancy.

The future dad was constantly talking to the child.

He said goodbye to his daughter when he left for work, told how his day went, commented on films, and so on. Once he noticed that his daughter began to move more actively when Flavio was talking.

His wife Tarsila was sure that the baby could make out father’s voice thats why she started to move very actively when heard her father’s voice.

After the birth, Flavio came to see his daughter. As soon as she heard his voice, she immediately began to smile.
That is why it is recommended to talk to the child more often in the womb so that he has time to get used to the voice and feel safe next to his parents after birth.