New Hampshire police officer saw an incredible sight very often, he stopped whenever animals crossed the road and was very attentive, but he had never seen bears in the middle of the road before.

This scene was very unexpected, and interesting after looking more closely, he noticed that one cub could not keep up with the family.

All the cubs ran fast, but this little bear could not even take quick steps. And then the mother bear had to make a choice. She abandoned one cub to save four.

The fate of the wounded bear cub would have been sad if not for the noble policeman, who immediately realized that the baby needed to be picked up and helped. Very soon rescuers from the Wildlife Protection Society arrived.

They found the whole bear family and with great difficulty took another sick cub from the bear.

The policeman said that the treatment of the cubs is progressing quickly, and when they fully recover, they will be returned to their natural habitat, since the location of their mother is already known

Nowadays it is very important to be attentive to animals, the life of each animal is very dear, so that no new names appear in the Red Book, we are grateful to this person for saving the life of a little bear.