Many a music fan can tell you about the majesty they hear in the blood harmony of siblings when they put their voices together.

The Beach Boys, The Carter Family, and the Everly Brothers are just a few examples that come to mind.

But can the same be said when it comes to figure skating?

Is there “blood harmony” on ice?
These Great Britain siblings might be a living testament that there is.

Their routine on the ice is spectacular and well worth the watch.

The Kerrs grew up on ice.
The Kerr siblings have been on the ice since a very young age.

If growing up they had any sibling rivalry, they figured out how to channel it into skating.

Sinead and John Kerr, are world-renowned ice dancers representing Great Britain.

The stage is set as they float out onto the ice and center themselves to begin their routine.

They showed up in full dress.
Wearing traditional Scottish kilts, and with the sound of mellow bagpipes, the siblings begin the routine. And they get right to it, wasting no time.

Their honed skills in majesty are evident from the start.

They brought out all the stops.
Through every lutz, salchow, and axel the siblings put on a show that leaves spectators stunned.

The routine starts off a little mellow until the video hits 1:20, that’s when the music speeds up and the ice dancers really pick it up a notch.

They defy gravity, as they pull off stunts that most ice skaters only dream about.

They took risks for the sport.
At one point, they’re swinging so low to the ground, it looks like Sinead’s head is inches from bouncing off of the ice.

The precision in the maneuvers is extraordinary, she swings upside down with grace.

They’ve clearly practiced together for years, they don’t miss a single beat during the whole performance.

The sibling duo puts on a miraculous display of epic talent, and the crowd can’t get enough of it.

They’re moving in perfect sync with one another the entire routine, like mirror images of each other.

This is blood harmony on ice.
Flipping, twirling, and jumping as they slide across the ice, every movement seeming impossible.

Yet, they make it look effortless.
They unleash a flurry of difficult tricks toward the end, including one that you might not have seen before.

The sibling ice skaters continue to wow the crowd with their brilliant skating, all the way to the end.

Each move topping the next. One move, in particular, makes the crowd go absolutely wild.

Sinead’s leg is completely contorted until it’s pressed to the back of her head, all while she is held in the air and spinning rapidly.

You have to see it, to believe it.

It’s incredible.

Fans go nuts.
The siblings are all smiles as they skate off of the ice and await their scores.

Sinead and John must know that they’ve just given the performance of a lifetime.

Throughout the whole performance, they display an extraordinary level of talent that will make you stand up and cheer.

The Kerrs’ routine reaches far above any other ice skating performance I’ve ever seen.

Sinead and John have harmony and synchronicity that will be hard to match for figure skaters going forward. And they make it look so easy.