It is believed that dogs are more attached to humans than cats – they have a very independent disposition.

But this case refutes all our knowledge about cats. It turns out that they love people very much – so much so that one owner may not seem enough to them. This funny story happened in Mexico. A young man named Héctor Morales began to notice that his cat Nilo, whom he had once picked up on the street, kept leaving the house.

At first he was not worried – after all, the pet always returned home from walks. But over time, the cat began to linger more and more. After a long absence, the pet came clean and well-groomed and even a little… plump. Héctor soon discovered the reason for the cat’s disappearances.

One day, Nilo, who had been away for three days, returned home with a note attached to his collar. “We are the other family of ‘Angelo,‘ When he’s not in your house, he’s at ours,” the cryptic message said. Its author asked to send a reply letter with the cat with Hector’s phone number. The unidentified person also reported that Nilo/Angelo is full, as he “ate tuna before leaving.”

Héctor’s surprise knew no bounds. “I don’t know how I should feel when I find out that the cat is cheating on me,” he jokes. “It must be very difficult for him to live with two families. After thinking a little, Hector decided not to be offended by the pet.

He even thanks another family for taking care of his furry friend. “Cats decide who to love,” he says. “And if they are dear to us, then we let them make their own choice.