Sasan Amir/ CATERS NEWS (PICTURED Sasan Amir on the left being snuggled by a cheetah) Adorable images capture the surprising moment a cheetah hugs a photographer. Sasan Amir, 27, was taking pictures at a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa when he noticed a cheetah walking towards him. The pictures show the cheetah rubbing its head against Sasan and eventually sat down next to him. Sasan, a photographer and filmmaker, said: "I had visited this sanctuary a few times and noticed this cheetah was used to interactions with humans. SEE CATERS COPY

Sasan Amir, a 27-year-old photographer and filmmaker from Germany, is a frequent visitor to the African savannah. There he takes wonderful pictures and videos with representatives of the local fauna.

Predators occupy a special place in his portfolio. Recently, Amir again went to South Africa, where a very unusual story happened to him. Sasan settled in an “ambush”, from where he watched the savannah in search of successful shots, when he suddenly saw that a wild cheetah was heading towards him. The photographer was frightened and began to rise slowly, showing the beast that he was aware of his approach and was ready to defend himself.

The cheetah stopped and for some time decided what to do next. And he again moved towards Sasan. Coming close, the cheetah sniffed the photographer, and then rubbed his head against him and sat down next to him. “I saw that he wanted to talk. He even began to purr like a cat,” Sasan describes what he saw. It took Amir a few minutes to realize what an incredible story had happened to him.

How lucky he turned out to be, honored with the opportunity to communicate with a wild beast at arm’s length! And at the same time, the cheetah was absolutely relaxed and did not show any aggression. He even licked Amir several times, showing his affection. Fortunately, the camera was close by, and the photographer was able to get unique shots of interaction with a wild predator. On this day, the cheetah even allowed himself to be stroked and hugged – and Sasan got a rare opportunity to touch the world of wildlife without any consequences for life and health.