We live in a world that is increasingly becoming more and more impatient. It only takes a few minutes of being out in traffic to realize that patience is wearing thin in almost any location.

I’m not necessarily saying that everybody is impatient and rude when they are on the road. What I am saying is, those who are impatient are the ones that usually stick out in our minds.

Unfortunately, it can be frustrating for any of us on the road because we all have to deal with others as they want us to live life on their terms. They may blow their horn at us to even try to get us to do something illegal, such as not stopping at a red light.

Getting your driver’s license is more than just giving yourself some freedom. It is a responsibility, but sometimes people take that responsibility and feel as if they need to tell others how to drive.

It seems as if that is the case in the situation that was captured recently on a dashcam. Traffic was really tight and there was a confrontation going on between the Corvette and a pickup truck.

The pickup truck wanted to merge into the other lane but the Corvette was not going to allow them to get in. In fact, the Corvette gave the truck driver the finger, obviously something that did not sit well with the owner of the truck.

That is when the truck driver got revenge in the best way possible. Suddenly, the truck let out a puff of black smoke that completely enveloped the Corvette.

Were happy to relate the fact that it was perfect because the Corvette driver even had their window down. Revenge is sweet, and this one is a lot of fun to watch.