It is never easy to be a celebrity. You are always in the public eye and you can’t do anything that isn’t known by millions of people. Then again, it doesn’t help that sometimes, celebrities do things that get on people’s nerves.

This recently happened to Rihanna, who was asked to perform before a $6 million wedding put on by Asia’s most wealthy family. The wedding was for the son of Mukesh Ambani, who is a billionaire.

It wasn’t the fact that she performed at a wedding, which was actually pretty awesome. It’s the fact that the 36-year-old musician didn’t go above and beyond to make it the best concert ever.

Honestly, she has been somewhat absent from the limelight recently. Despite putting out a new song for the 2022 marble film, Black Panther, and performing at the Super Bowl in 2023, she really hasn’t given a full performance on stage.

A 19-song set was put on before the wedding on Friday, February 1. The father, who is worth approximately $114 billion paid the singer 6.3 million for the performance when his son, Anant Ambani was marrying Radhika Merchant.

Many of the people in attendance were taking video while she was performing and they shared it on Twitter. Some people were happy to see her performing again but there were plenty of people who were not impressed.

The comments pointed out how she gives the ‘bare minimum’ when she performs, yet people go crazy over the performances. Others said that she has always performed like this and called her concerts some of the most boring they’ve ever been to.

The singer did express her thanks to the family, saying that she was there to honor the soon-to-be-wed couple. She thanked them for having her and wished them all the best.

After the lackluster performance, she was quick to fly out of the country and said she couldn’t wait to be back. She said: “I love India. The show was the best. I haven’t done a real show for eight years. So I wanna come back.”

Let’s hope her next concert is everything it should be.