This 1976 Shasta camper trailer was Zach and Ariane’s solution to burnout.

The two worked for years in Denver, Colorado, for a non-profit, getting by from paycheck to paycheck.

They loved their community, but they got burned out trying to work most of their day only to use what they earned to pay for rent. So, they decided to go tiny.

The couple was lucky with the vintage camper they had because it was in great condition when they bought it.

They kept most of the original structure – even the fixtures and appliances – because they still function properly.

They added their personal touch and transformed the 1976 trailer into a stylish space for them and their dog.

This snake floor art will welcome you once you open the door.

The entrance has a doormat – which Ariane said is a must-have in every home – and a custom dresser on which they can drop and hang keys and loose change.

It also has a junk drawer for anything and everything they need.

But the best feature is the snake mosaic their friends painted for them over the original flooring.

It slithers through the entire walkway inside, giving it a creative touch in their home.

The kitchen has everything they need from stove to fridge.

They had this classic, authentic stove that worked perfectly for them.

The non-functional oven served as their booze cabinet, but they plan to repair it soon.

They have ample storage cabinets for their kitchen tools and utensils.

Check out their dining area, which features the original diner-style table and benches.

It’s not only an excellent place for dining, but for lounging, too.

Just place the tabletop between the benches and put the side cushions!

Plus, the bench has additional storage space underneath its seats and fits bulkier household items.

Ariane’s favorite room is the bed which already looks cozy as it is.

She said she loves it when it’s raining outside, and they would light some candles with a cup of coffee or tea and just relax on this bed.

It may be smaller than she wanted, but it’s the perfect size for snuggling even with their dog.

Zach’s favorite room in the house is the bathroom – and we totally understand!

It looks small, but it’s completely functional. It has a sink, vanity, medicine cabinet, toilet, and bathtub.

We bet you didn’t expect that!

Zach and Ariane had to be innovative and creative to ensure their things stayed in place.

They love the camper because they can take it with them wherever they go, which means keeping their stuff in place while on the move was taken into account.

They used double-sided adhesives, Velcro, and putty to secure loose items.

The couple showed their artistic side in the little accents they placed in their home.

Aside from the snake mosaic, they used a peel-and-stick patterned wallpaper to give their ceiling a colorful twist.

The lamps and other wall pieces gave that vintage-slash-artsy look that fits the overall look of the trailer.

Take a tour of Zach and Ariane’s 1976 Shasta camper in the video below!