This is such a unique home on wheels – I love everything she did with it!

Rita Marie Carr left her old life to live a more carefree one.

She used to work for an engineering firm and lived in an apartment in Denver, Colorado.

At that time, she believed that was the only way for her – to work an office job and work her way up the corporate ladder.

It wasn’t until she started working remotely and lived inside her Wrangler Jeep that she realized she could focus on what she loved doing.

So, she decided to buy this Ford minibus which she named Wilbur.

This cute pink bus has been Rita’s home for three years, and she built the tiny house herself.

She only spent around $9,000 for this one by upcycling most of the materials or using those she could buy cheaply.

The one thing that Rita loved about the bus was the number of doors it had.

She changed the original bus doors up front after they got blown away when she drove fast.

The glass panel doors fit perfectly well in her mobile home, making it more like an ordinary house.

There’s also a side door that gives access to her hot and cold shower.

Rita said she often takes a shower when she stops by a campsite or whenever she’s in the perfect spot to shower outside.

It’s a simple shower head attached to one of the doors connected to a heater.

Inside Rita’s tiny house reflects her personality and creativity.

The highlight of her home is her mini art studio, where she works on her painting and let them dry.

She didn’t have this when she was living in her Jeep, so she made sure she had ample space for her artwork.

Of course, that would mean having paint stains everywhere but hey! What do you expect in an artist’s house?

Rita has a mini living room that doubles as her bedroom.

It’s a simple couch that opens into a bed at night that fits her and her two dogs.

She situated the sofa by the side door so she could open it up and appreciate the view outside, especially when facing the sun.

Her kitchen looked really artsy, too!

She has a two-burner stove and a lot of shelving for her pantry.

She has a little hammock where she keeps her fresh produce so she would be constantly reminded what to cook and to use before they rot.

But the coolest thing about her kitchen is her sink!

Rita said she used to have the standard faucet running through a water tank underneath, but she realized it was constantly leaking and was too much work.

Instead, she used a transparent glass jar which she refills with water from her Jeep, and a bucket from her parent’s farm.

It’s unique and a great way to upcycle some old home items.

Rita still tows along her Wrangler jeep at the back of Wilbur the Pink Bus.

Despite having a house on wheels, the Jeep serves many purposes for her, like going on short trips, getting supplies, and off-roading.

Watch the full house tour of Rita’s pink bus in the video below!

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