You know going to the prom is a big deal for most all high school students. It’s an even bigger deal for students with special needs. Here are 10 stories where going to the prom for special needs students was the greatest thing ever.

  1. Back in second grade, Ben and Mary became good friends, and Ben promised Mary that one day, he would take her to the prom. In those days of childhood innocence, Ben didn’t see Mary as someone who was different; she was just a girl, but a girl he liked very much.

Well years went by and they remained close friends while going through elementary, junior high, and high school. Through those years, Ben was always looking out for her. Then, it was time for the prom.

Ben kept his promise to Mary, the little girl he had made good friends with way back in second grade; the little girl who, with Downs Syndrome, was viewed as different by so many others, but someone Ben viewed only as a good friend. And when the prom came, Ben, now a very popular quarterback on the school’s football team, walked proudly with Mary, all dressed up, arm-in-arm.

And Mary spent that night being treated like a fairy-tale princess by her charming Prince Ben. And a promise made long ago to a friend was complete.

  1. Baylee was born with Down’s Syndrome and she really wanted to go to her prom at Grand Forks Central with Brock. She wrote him on Twitter to ask him if he would, and she waited.

But while she waited, her mom, not knowing about the request her daughter made to Brock, shut down her media accounts because she worried about Baylee being on them so much.

So, unknown to Baylee, Brock attempted to respond to her request but just couldn’t get through to her. Fortunately, through a mutual friend, Brock was able to track down Baylee’s mom and texted her for permission to take Baylee to the prom.

Mom was thrilled, and, of course, so was Baylee, because Brock wasn’t just your average Joe. Brock is Brock Boesner, the incredibly talented University of North Dakota hockey player who was the first-round draft pick by the Vancouver Canucks.

According to Baylee, her date with Brock “was amazing.”

  1. When the police car slowly rolled up to Maine’s Lonesome Pine Trails ski resort on Prom Night, a huge crowd was gathered for the red-carpet event.

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