Police officers pull over a lot of people for a lot of different things. But not everything is cut and dried. Here are 10 stories of officers going that extra mile.

  1. In Cedar Park, Texas, Officer Justin Gower stopped a truck after spotting that it had expired plates. When he looked inside the truck, past the man who was driving it, he observed three young girls, ages 1 to 4, who were not in car seats.

But just before writing out a ticket, he stopped and recalled how his coworkers talked about a man who was living in his vehicle because he was going through some rough times.

So the police officer, instead of giving the man a ticket, called a colleague to the scene, and together they pooled the money they had on hand and went to Walmart to buy three car seats for the man’s children.

When other officers heard what their colleagues had done, they chipped in their own money to cover what the two officers did on their own.

  1. An officer pulled over a University of Wisconsin-Stout student who was rushing to make a presentation. He was wearing a suit without a tie and went to his friend’s house to have him tie it for him, but his buddy wasn’t home…which made his rush all the more necessary.

When he explained to the officer that he did not know how to tie a tie, the officer asked him for the tie and proceeded to put it around his own neck and tie it before giving it back to the student.

He let him go on his way simply suggesting that he slow down.

  1. In Arlington, Texas, Officer Dale Horton pulled over a woman who had a malfunctioning tail light. Linda Grey, a single mom of five children, told him a fender bender a few months back messed up the light. Her insurance money for the accident, she told him, went to pay bills instead of fixing the damage.

So instead of issuing her a ticket, he called a parts house for a new taillight and called a mechanic buddy of his to come out and fix it for the woman.

Says Officer Horton: “The lady needs help. The ticket, all it would do is bury her deeper. No way any officer would’ve written that ticket.”

Linda was extremely appreciative of Officer Horton’s kind gesture.

  1. Durham police officer Dan Strandh pulled over Courtney Bailey for speeding. She was also not wearing a seatbelt and her registration had expired. Ohhh… she knew she was in for a ticket.

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