Matt Swezey has lots of ambitions and the drive to travel, learn, and create art.

One day, he realized something.
He saw all his friends getting their homes and settling, and he knew he had to do it too, but he didn’t feel happy. He didn’t want to settle down in one place and felt that a house feels big for him. Getting a house wasn’t for him, well, not yet.

That’s when he saw videos featuring tiny houses and alternative living.

Matt knew it was the life he wanted. The young chef wanted to explore, travel, and learn. He wanted to go out there and live, and the best way to do that was to get himself a mobile home.

He bought a 1987 Bluebird s1700 bus and named it Lucy.

Lucy has a 69 Navistar engine, no chips, and no boards, just a straight diesel engine that will run about 55-60 miles an hour. This project started four years ago, and Matt has stayed for roughly a year and a half.

The renovation of Lucy, with the help of his father, took over two years, and Matt admitted that there was a point where he got frustrated.

But they were able to complete it and now that he has moved in, he realized that everything was worth it.

Looking at Lucy outside, you’d think Matt would have a sofa, TV, small kitchen, and small bath, but when you see the inside, you’d say, “wow!”

Matt’s home is gorgeous!
You would be greeted with a sleek couch on the right side that serves as Matt’s napping area. On the left side, you will see a folding table that serves as his dining and workstation. Two chairs double as storage for his books and art supplies.

Under his couch is also a large storage room where he stores electronics. He has a 600 amp power of lithium batteries that aim 2500 inverter charger and a 12-volt fuse block. He still has some space under the couch for his plans of adding solar panels.

Matt’s kitchen is not only spacious but also very neat. After all, he’s a chef, and he needs a big kitchen.

He has two large live edge slabs for his countertops, a resto-style sink and faucet, and a full-sized fridge.

When he’s driving, he would put his plants on the sink to prevent them from moving.

The pull-out drawers gave him enough space and made everything organized.

Lucy is aesthetically pleasing! You’ll fall in love with the color scheme and design.

Let’s not forget his shower area which has a 32 x 32 shower base and a composting toilet was a gift by his ever-supportive father.

His bed looks very comfortable. It has a Zenith memory foam mattress, a foldable desk, a TV, and a Vornado fan.

You’ll see a few books, a small shoe rack, and other storage in the front part of the bus.

A few days ago, Matt launched the soft opening of another achievement, the Black Radish Bar & Restaurant.
This young chef is reaching his dreams and nothing can stop him. To unwind, he travels and enjoys his space, until it’s time to head back home and work again.

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