Many couples feel blessed when they find out they’re having a baby, and will spend lots of time preparing for their little one’s arrival. There are also parents that don’t have time to prepare, as their baby comes to them like he or she was an unexpected gift from up above.

Below is a heartwarming story about one couple’s little miracle.

Lorraine, a two-time breast cancer survivor, knew she couldn’t have her own children.
But that didn’t stop Lorraine and her husband Charles from dreaming of having a child together. Then something extraordinary happened. A blessing!

One day, a discovery was made in a pickup truck.
A college student in Tallahassee, Florida, heard something strange on a cold morning in May. It was coming from the parking lot of their apartment complex.

The noise was immediately recognized by the student as a muffled baby cry. She then discovered an abandoned newborn in the back of a truck – who was hungry, cold, and had a soiled diaper.

The college student called the police and they thought the baby was only a week old.

The baby, who later received the name Charlie, was rushed to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital’s emergency room.

The respiratory therapist who would change his life was waiting for him at the ER.

“I assessed his breathing, his, you know, oxygen. For the most part, he was fine,” Lorraine shared with Humankind.

“Cold, hungry, wet, but… he was fine.”

Lorraine saw this as more than just a routine procedure.

When she cradled Charlie in her arms, she felt a special bond with him.

“I believe I became his mommy, that moment, that day.”

She was certain she wanted to adopt Charlie.

After four days, the abandoned baby arrived at his forever home.

“It’s just been amazing. I mean… he’s my miracle, my angel. He’s… all my prayers been answered,” Lorraine mentioned.

Lorraine and her husband Charles had spent many years praying for a miracle.

“This is what I’ve been praying for years,” Lorraine said.

“Mine too,” Charles added.

However, the first week of having Charlie was challenging for them, especially for Lorraine.
Lorraine had been part of raising her stepchildren. Being a mother to a newborn, on the other hand, was novel.

“Some women have 9 months to prepare for that. I had one week,” Lorraine said.

Yet, the couple wouldn’t trade it for the world.

“I was just scared I was gonna break him,” Lorraine recalled.

Charlie’s adoption has been finalized formally, and he is now their son.

Lorraine shared her thoughts about adoption.

“Adoption is a wonderful, wonderful thing. There are so many kids out there that need someone to take care of them and become their forever family. You don’t have to be perfect to be an adoptive parent.”

There’s no question that these parents will give Charlie a beautiful life full of warmth and love.

“It just means so much. I mean it’s more than I could ever… imagine or dream of.”

After seven months, the family was able to celebrate their first Christmas with Charlie. Talk about the most precious gift a person could ask for!

“And just to have the experience to be someone’s mom… It’s wonderful. I’m just grateful and humbled to have him.”

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