Eighteen-year-old Adam Wright has not led the easiest life. At only four years old, he was told that he had a type of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma.

After the space of almost three years, the strong boy managed to fight it with the help of chemotherapy, and he went into remission. Sadly, this celebration wouldn’t last forever.

Around ten years after he found out that he was void of cancer, Adam’s twin brother Timothy Wright fell sick with a type of rare blood cancer that tragically caused his death. Speaking about his sibling’s passing, the grieving young man expressed:

“That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life is say goodbye to my twin brother. He’s my best friend and he always will be.”

If that were not enough, a few months following the death of Timothy, Adam was once again diagnosed with cancer; this time, it was terminal and called Osteosarcoma, which is a rare cancer that affects the bones.

The teenager had to undergo two surgeries that impaired his ability to walk, stating that he couldn’t believe life had handed him another blow. The teenager said:

“I’m living a different life than a normal person because everyday I wake up, I wake up in a lot of pain, it’s just like go take your medicine again.”

Unfortunately, the malignancy has kept on spreading. Sadly, Adam is in a hospice, where his condition continues to worsen.

However, before such sad circumstances, this young man’s loved ones set up a special day for him. With the knowledge that Adam may not make it to graduation, his family, classmates, school, and hospital staff threw a ceremony just for him.

They all included a large amount of food for the celebration, especially junk food that Adam always loves to eat.

While accepting his diploma, the teenager, wise beyond his years, made a speech about living with his condition. However, this was not and is not the only place where he shares his story.

This brave young man chose to share his story on YouTube, stating that he wants individuals to see the reality of him fighting to stay alive but still not losing hope. Adam said:

“I want them to see that they can do it too and that they have people supporting them and resources supporting them, too.”

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