Nothing brings sadness to the heart of a community like the death of a child, especially when that child is taken too soon at the hands of someone who was supposed to love them.

That’s what happened to this poor 2-year-old, whose murder brought bikers from all over the country together to show their support.

This story had me shaken.
A beautiful baby boy
Ezekiel Harry was a 2-year-old boy with loving eyes and a bright smile.

He was living with his mother and her live-in boyfriend in Houma, Louisiana when his mother reported him missing to the local authorities.

A search ensued, but sadly, the young boy was found soon after, inside a duffle bag that had been stuffed into a garbage can like trash.

He deserved so much better.
Ezekiel’s mother, Maya Jones, and her boyfriend Jermaine Robinson were immediately the prime suspects.

They were charged with first-degree murder, as well as evidence tampering

Shortly after the toddler’s body was discovered, police found evidence of 36-year-old Robinson, and 28-year-old Jones, walking with a black duffle bag just like the one Ezekiel was found in.

The two were quickly apprehended and denied bail according to jail records, which is something Robinson was no stranger to.

The rap sheet
Robinson has been arrested many times in the past, including a conviction for second-degree cruelty to a juvenile back in 2009

The live-in boyfriend of Ezekiel’s mother has a long list of criminal charges in his past.

Everything from drugs to armed robbery, cruelty to a juvenile, hit and run, and now, first-degree murder.

Robinson was also captured on surveillance with Jones’ other three children before he began going door-to-door telling neighbors that 2-year-old Ezekiel was abducted, which was clearly a lie.
The community rallied.
Ezekiel’s family and community came together to celebrate his short life when they got a surprise in the form of hundreds of bikers

When the time came to lay Ezekiel to rest, the rumble of motorcycles echoed through the streets of Houma as hundreds of bikers followed the casket to the church.

Many of the bikers traveled from all around the country to show their support.

“Our heart goes out to the family and big condolences, and were just coming out to support for whatever the cause is, whatever the situation is, and let them know ‘hey, we’re here to support you.’” One biker told WWLTV.
There’s a shockwave of sadness surrounding Ezekiel’s death, and the heinous crime has the prosecutor calling for the death penalty.

“This is absolutely a death penalty case, what happened to this little 2-year-old shocks the conscience.”

The tragic murder of this precious child has saddened hearts nationwide, and we can only hope that the anguish from cases like this can spark some kind of positive change in the future.

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