This man has heart, spirit, and a thought that might benefit tens of thousands of farmers all throughout the country.
Reality television programs like Shark Tank and its British cousin Dragon’s Den are very popular. Why? Because the series’ premise is entertaining, occasionally intense, and because we never know what will happen when an inventor or a businessperson approaches the Sharks or the Dragons,

Young businesspeople have a chance to close agreements with the Sharks that might make them millionaires. In exchange for funding that would aid in business expansion, the ambitious entrepreneurs offer a portion of their company. They occasionally seek investors to put money into a business idea or concept.

Several factors will determine whether they receive the funds or not. The amount of money that investors anticipate receiving as the company expands is the most crucial of all.
Humble farmer secures life-changing deal by refusing to compromise his morals in front of “Shark Tank” judges.
A modest Florida farmer named Johnny Georges made a special presentation on a Shark Tank episode that may potentially change the lives of thousands of other farmers in the United States and around the globe.

Georges specifically requested a $150,000 investment in his business, “Tree T-Pee.” He demonstrated a creation that revolutionizes plant watering and helps farmers annually save hundreds of gallons of water. The only issue was that Georges produces a single item for $2.95 and then charges $4.50 for it. The Sharks urged Georges to raise the selling price to $12 since they thought it didn’t seem like a wise investment.
The problem with that figure is that he didn’t want to overcharge for his goods because he is aware of the hardships farmers face in providing for everyone’s food needs.

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