A customer asked the mother of the boy who was screaming and shouting in the Burger King line if she could calm her son down. She yelled at the man instead. As soon as she reached the desk, she received a surprise that wasn’t good.

After having “not the best of days” and sensing “a headache coming on,” a Burger King customer was in line because he was simply wanted a Whopper. Sadly, the rude kid in line behind him only served to aggravate the situation. The man’s focus was immediately caught by the “lady yapping on her cell phone with a little monster of a child” while he waited patiently in the “very long queue.” His patience suddenly ran out of reserves.

The nameless client claimed that the child was completely out of control. Every time anything didn’t go his way, he was yelling, beating his mother, and hurling a handheld video game around. It was made worse by the mother’s apparent lack of attention to her obnoxious son, who started yelling, “I want a f* **ing pie!” nonstop.

According to Metro, the man was at his wits’ end after waiting in line and putting up with the unpleasant mother and her annoying child for around five minutes. In a Reddit post about the incident titled “Am I a bad person for this?” he recounted, “I had gone from a headache to a full on migraine, but nothing was going to stop me from eating those burgers.”

He calmly turned to the mother and politely requested that she calm or quiet her child since he couldn’t take much more. “She immediately gets up in my face and tells me to mind my own business and that I have no right to advise her on how to raise her child. When the child cries out again about wanting a pie, the mother comforts him by calling him sweety and assuring them that they will receive pies for lunch since she loves him so much. I nod and turn around, but she’s still screaming at the back of my brain.

The customer is forced to put up with the pandemonium for another five minutes before he is finally at the front of the line as the scenario remains just as it has been with the child shouting and yelling in line. He couldn’t stop thinking about how the mom and her monster had wrecked his Burger King experience and given him a headache as he prepared to place his order at the counter. He made the decision to destroy their day at that point.

He ordered every pie Burger King had in addition to his burgers, according to ABC 6. In total, there were 23 pies. What do you mean you don’t have any pies left!? a woman shouted as he took his order and started to leave. Who purchased them all? ”

“When I turn back, the cashier is pointing out my presence, and a woman is giving me a death gaze. The brave, pie-loving man wrote, “I stand there and pull out a pie and gently start eating as I stare back at her. She begins to rush in my direction but is prevented from reaching me by other lines at the food court. I turn and depart slowly.

Although there is no way to verify his story’s veracity, it nonetheless serves a very useful purpose. It serves as a warning to disrespectful parents who neglect to discipline their misbehaving kids in public. It’s better to be polite to your children and to discipline them because you never know when you might find yourself at someone else’s mercy. Parenting can be challenging, and you might be having a difficult day, but the people around you may also be struggling, and they shouldn’t have to put up with your child’s misbehavior.

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