In recent months, my husband has been behaving very strangely. When I ask what happened, he says nothing. I have got tired of asking , but I feel that something is wrong. Then I saw on the Internet that there is a program that you can install into the phone and see where phone’s owner goes and what he does every day. At night, when my husband was sleeping, I took his phone and quickly installed it in the phone and the next morning I watched it with my phone.

I was amazed, I couldn’t believe in my eyes. Every morning my husband goes after some woman, then they go to make bets.

And it turns out that he doesn’t go to work at all. His job has become betting. I found out that he was fired a long time ago for not going to work and deceiving everyone. It turns out that we lived for months with the money he gambled. Then I get that woman is his mistress.

I’m shocked. I’m lost, I don’t know what to do. I couldn’t imagine that I would find myself in such a situation, I have very difficult feelings.