My grandpa is a very funny person. As far as I remember, he always makes us laugh with his jokes.

That day, I went to met him with my fiance. He has a big garden and he does some work there. My fiancé and I went to water the trees, he saw us, came and sat behind us and we talked a lot.

Then he said,” Dear girl, let me pick some mulberries for you”.
We were waiting for him. After 40 minutes we went through the garden to find him out. Finally we found him and saw that he was digging the ground. I said, ”Grandpa, didn’t you come to pick mulberries, what are you doing?” He said that he came there and forgot for what he had come.
We started laughing.

Then he told us a joke about 80 years old grandpa, that this grandpa was 80 years old and he ran after girls every day. He decided to come to the doctor and ask him about his problem. The doctor said it was very good, that he was running after girls in his age. Grandpa answered. “Yes it’s good that I’m running after girls, but I don’t remember why I’m running”.

It’s was very funny and we were laughing for a few minutes.