Fox News anchor Jesse Watters made a major life announcement on Fox News’ hit show The Five. Watters and his wife Emma DiGiovine are expecting a baby girl. They have a son, Jesse Bailey Watters Jr., who was born Apr. 2, 2021.

Watters said: “My wife, Emma, is pregnant with a girl. So, we’re having a girl and she’s five months along which I think is halfway through. And she looks fantastic, you can’t even tell that she’s pregnant.”

Cohost Greg Gutfeld couldn’t help himself and joked, “There’s no gender until the child decides.” Watters fired back, “No, we assign the gender at birth in our family and we usually get it right.”

Later that night on Jesse’s hit show in primetime for Fox News, he slammed the Dems and Hollywood elites over the 45th Kennedy Center Honors Monday.

Jesse said:

“There’s a lot of things liberals love: masks, mail-in voting, electric cars. But there’s something they love more than anything else – themselves.

“And Hollywood celebrities feel that they don’t get enough credit. Fame and millions isn’t enough, so they throw themselves parties: The Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes.

“They hand each other trophies on television to show the world how hard they work. And we like movies, so we put up with the pomp and pageantry just to see our favorite flick win.

“But recently, something’s happened. Being an actor was no longer enough.

“You had to be an activist.

‘ When celebrities got on stage to accept their little trophy they started droning on about climate change and how oppressed they were and America tuned out.

“Nobody wants to hear these people talk politics and we don’t need lectures from strangers.

“The ratings plummeted and unless someone got slapped. No one talked about the show the next day.

“But Hollywood has a workaround.

“Hollywood teams up with D.C. Democrats to celebrate themselves the way they deserve.

“They turned the Kennedy Center Honors into the new Oscars. It was the event of the year.

“Anybody who was anybody was there.

“George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Kamala’s husband and Matt Damon.

“All the stars were out.

“Nancy made Bono kiss the ring.

“Sean Penn schmoozed with Anthony Blinken.

“They argued about who Zelenskyy likes more,” he said.