When the couple figured out that Anna was expecting three kids without a moment’s delay, she was recently stunned. All things considered, they previously had three youngsters. Specialists did all that could be within reach to save the lady’s life. But, tragically, nothing turned out for them. Anton was left without his adored wife and six kids.

Sooner or later, the story about a single parent was displayed on TV. The writers told how troublesome it is for him throughout everyday life, how he adapts without the help of his wife. After the arrival of this program, Anton got a ton of letters from women who unquestionably needed to actually converse with him. He even dated somebody, but nothing worked out.

On one occasion he got a letter from Lyudmila. She simply needed to help the man, thus, they began a warm correspondence. Half a month after the fact, a dad with numerous youngsters called another associate out on the town. He took every one of his kids with him, and this was the correct thing to do. The younger guys just stuck to Luda, the eldest son also really liked her.

The couple decided to get married and move in together. The lady additionally had a child from the main relationship, he laid out contact with the new family with practically no issues. It worked out that Lyudmila generally needed to observe a man like Anton. He is dependable, steadfast and sensible, generally prepared to help. Luda knew ahead of time that they would meet. She had a fantasy about how she lived with seven kids.

The couple signed in the village where the groom lives. They traveled for several days, celebrating a joyful event.

At first, Lyudmila was frightened by the prospects of living with a bunch of children. For the wellbeing of Anton, she quit her place of employment in Omsk, took her child and went to a town 100 kilometers from the city. In spite of the fact that she truly loved her work, she actually concluded that family was more significant. For her better half and youngsters, she is all set to incredible lengths.

Thus her life started in a gigantic family. Right away, the recently made wife believed that she wouldn’t have the option to do anything appropriately around the house. All things considered, it’s unquestionably challenging to cook for everybody, to wash and clean. Over the long run, Luda understood that soup ought to be bubbled something like 5 liters. Anton, obviously, helped the divinely selected individual, acknowledging how hard it was for her. He enlightened her regarding life in the town and upheld her. The day is coordinated with the goal that Lyudmila has the chance to rest.

The top of the family additionally doesn’t stand around. He deals with the development group, while cooperating with his subordinates. Consistently, the companions need to get up at 6 AM have opportunity and willpower to do everything, but they don’t say anything negative.

The president himself gave them a minibus in which every one of the kids can be shipped with no issues. It is truly challenging without such a vehicle. Furthermore, presently they can go any place they need.

It ought to be noticed that toward the start of their coexistence, the couple chose to make a vital stride. They took care of their own kids, but additionally helped in the nearby community for hindered families. There they found out around two children who were stranded. The fact is that their parents were dysfunctional.