Fans have called Madonna the “hottest woman alive” after seeing her most recent Instagram post.

The 64-year-old singer of “Vogue” often stirs things up on social media. She has an incredible 18.7 million Instagram followers and more than 3.5 million TikTok fans.

She recently went viral because she licked a dog bowl, danced in her underwear, and upset fans.

Some of these things have gotten her in trouble on social media, where some people have told her to quit.

So she hit back at the people who didn’t like her and told them to stop bullying her for having fun.

But now she has made her fans’ jaws drop for a totally different reason: she just posted a “gorgeous” photo.

Watch below as Madonna’s daughter is turned away from a fashion show.

In her most recent upload, Madonna poses on a bed while wearing a racy lace crop top with long, puffy sleeves and a bunch of silver necklaces that sparkle.

She also wears black boots with heels, and her fiery red hair falls in waves over her shoulders.

Even though it looks like she’s just in her bedroom, Madonna hasn’t let that stop her from going all out. She has dark burgundy lips and shimmery eyeshadow, and she’s also wearing a lot of makeup.

Many of Madonna’s fans are gushing in the comments about how good she looks for her age.

One follower says:

Can I just say that you look fabulous? Love, love, love you.

Another adds:

The hottest woman.

While a third writes:

You are the queen and a gorgeous one at that.

My lovely, sweet, beautiful Queen,

someone else comments.


Along with posting the picture, Madonna asked her fans:

What songs should I play on the Celebration Tour?

Many people have shared their ideas in the comments, with one writing:

‘Express Yourself’ and ‘Vogue’ are non-negotiable.

Another insists:

Please perform ‘Lucky Star’ and ‘Holiday’

The whole catalogue,

someone else insists.

Agreeing, a fourth says:

All of them, I need this to be a 6-hour set.

Madonna has also posted a video of herself dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” on social media to show off the outfit.

This has made a lot of fans want the singer of “Lucky Star” to work with the singer of “Poker Face.”

One follower says:

Madonna feat Gaga… my dream feat.

A second person comments:

Gagadonna is real.


Madonna’s world tour will start later this year and be a celebration of her 40-year career.

It will take place in 35 cities. It will start in the US and then go to Europe.

I am excited to explore as many songs as possible in hopes to give my fans the show they have been waiting for.

Bob the Drag Queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race is going to be one of the special guests on the tour.