On July 18th, in Aurora, Colorado, three children, Haylie Wenke, 13, her brother, Reagan, 6, and their friend, Ashley Dayton, did something very big for the young people they are.

While playing in their neighborhood, one of them stumbled upon a wallet. And inside that wallet, along with several pieces of identification, was $700. Now, when you’re THEIR age, that could seem like almost a million dollars, and there are OH SO MANY things they could do with it.

But what they decided to do was return it to its rightful owner with all the money left inside. They rang that person’s doorbell and an intercom message came on saying there was no one at home, and to please leave a message on the video camera recording them just above their heads.

So Haylie looked at the camera, held up the wallet, and said they were returning it, and would leave it for the owner just outside his front door. The wallet belonged to the home owner’s son. His father, Jamie Carlton, posted the video on Facebook to find out who the kind kids were who returned it, and to thank them.

Says Haylie and Reagan’s mom, Kerri: “I would like to take credit for their actions, but we really can’t. They were by themselves and chose to put the wallet in a safe place all on their own! As parents I think we always hope they are doing the right thing when we are not around or when no one is watching. It makes me very proud!” 

Watch video here