It’s a presentation that is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Mary Poppins came flying in to the Britain’s Got Talent stage a lot to the enjoyment of the crowd and the adjudicators. But she hasn’t arrived to watch small kids, God help us.

Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane is completely finished with and Mary Poppins needs more.

But is Mary still “essentially wonderful inside and out”?

Indeed, even Simon Cowell can’t resist the urge to grin, and as presentations are made, the other three appointed authorities can’t resist the urge to turn upward wide peered toward at the otherworldly babysitter. It truly is her!

Thus the beloved babysitter gets ready for her exhibition, looking all spit spot as she sits tight for her music to play.

Watcher Axel Gambit had this to say,

“Eyes popper! Jawbreaker! Goosebumps flyin’! Grinning harms! Whiplashed! Heartbeat outta control! Anything else? Gracious, took my breath away!!! BEST one of all time! Required 50 years off from my age back to 6 years of age! Much thanks to you dear Mary Poppins”

But why did he say that?

Let’s hope we see more of Mary P! Catch her in the video below