Check how sharp-eyed you are and see whether you can do it quickly. Although it’s simple, you will rack your brain looking for the odd one out.

What Do Other Visual Acuity Scores Mean?
Of course, if only 35% of U.S. adults have unaided 20/20 vision or better, that means 65% of Americans have lower visual acuity scores. For these people, it’s pretty common to see scores closer to 20/40, meaning they have to be within 20 feet to clearly see what people with normal vision would see clearly at 40 feet. This can usually be remedied through the use of corrective lenses.

In some cases, a person’s vision may be so poor that even with corrective lenses they can still only achieve a 20/40 visual acuity score. That’s the lowest score possible to still get a driver’s license in most states.

More extreme cases also exist. A person with a lens-assisted visual acuity score of 20/200, for example, is considered legally blind.

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