I am married and live with my husband and his family members. My father-in-law is a very nice man, but his wife is a strange woman. We also have their daughter who is 20 years old living with us.

I dress quite nicely, I have a nice closet with different styles of clothes.

One day I went out of the house on business, and as soon as I got home to change, I opened my closet and saw that most of my clothes were gone, and they were clean washed and hung in my closet. I asked my housemates what happened, and look what a clever answer my mother-in-law gave. She said, “These clothes are not for you, you are already a married woman, what a skirt, what a top, I gave them to my daughter. She’s still young and it suits her better.

It just struck me how you can take someone else’s things without permission and give them to another person.

I’ve told my husband everything and I hope it doesn’t happen again.