My son-in-law and my daughter went to live abroad after getting married. They have been living abroad for two years and we haven’t seen them in that time. We communicated only by video. Some time ago my daughter said she missed us and wanted to come visit us for 10 days, we were very excited and were waiting for them with great enthusiasm.

At first everything seemed normal, but then we realized something was wrong. All night long their voices wouldn’t stop, they were arguing and insulting each other. Everything became so unbearable that my husband wanted to interfere, but I wouldn’t let him.

They were arguing so loudly that even the neighbors could hear everything. In the morning we didn’t know how to look at their faces because they weren’t communicating with each other. They were in serious trouble. In short, we are in trouble, we don’t know what to do. We thought our child was happy, but it turns out she’s not and her life looks like hell.