Imagine if you were walking in your neighborhood one day and you looked to your neighbor’s house and saw something on the roof. It wasn’t a bird or something that seemed to belong on the roof, it was a dog.

That is the experience that many people have had, thanks to Huckleberry. The dog has been a viral sensation online ever since 2017 because he loves hanging out on the roof.

This was something that took many of the neighbors by surprise and many people who were driving by and happened to see him sitting and watching the world. Some would take pictures and others would try to alert the people who lived in the home that there was a dog above them.

That is why they created a sign to hang on the front door. They wanted to alert people that they were aware of the dog on the roof and that Huckleberry was perfectly safe.

Huckleberry would jump onto the roof from the backyard and would never be allowed on the roof unless someone was home to monitor things.

“We appreciate your concern but please do no knock on our door… we know he’s up there!” their sign reads. “But please feel free to take pictures of him and share with the world! #hucktheroofdog”

Locals were quick to pick up the situation and that is why the dog went viral. His owners then made social media accounts so everyone could enjoy the impact he was having on the neighborhood and the world.

There is even a book, called Huck the Roof Dog that is doing quite well. Many children learned about the dog and loved the book.

Unfortunately, Huckleberry had health problems and passed away in October 2023. It was a difficult time for his family and for those who followed him on social media.

“My sweet Huckleberry,” the post read. “You were one of the biggest loves of my life. The joy you brought the world could have never been expected but you were beyond special so it all made sense.”

Huckleberry may be gone but he continues to bring joy to people around the world because of the power of the Internet and the things the sweet dog was able to do.