It doesn’t matter who we are, when we have children, we are going to develop our own parenting skills. For some of us, it takes a while before we are able to develop them fully but if we follow the example of parents such as this dad, we will be well on our way to doing our job nicely. He seems to subscribe to the theory that it is important to let your kids make their own decisions from time to time and bad or good, those decisions are going to help them in life.

I’ll be the first one to admit, however, that there are going to be times when a child may have a difficult issue with making a choice that is going to be the right choice. For a three-year-old girl named Kaylieann Steinbach, however, it seemed as if making the right decision was exactly what she was born to do. It happened one day when she was on her way out to school and it was picture day. She was due to sit in front of the camera and her father, Austin, had taken the time to pick out a few beautiful outfits so she could make a choice.

Austin felt that the best choice she could make was among any of the three outfits that he had already pulled out in advance. Kaylieann was sure to look fantastic for the cameras when she made any of those decisions. The problem was, she refused to put on those clothes and decided to pick out her own outfit.

It wasn’t just some random outfits from her closet, it was something special. Austin let her choose it and when the school photo was taken, it was posted on Reddit and went absolutely viral.

Austin revealed that his daughter is 75% deaf in both of her ears. Considering the fact that she has that handicap, she truly shows an ability and a degree of independence that we are all doing well if we show it ourselves.

When you look at what this story teaches you, it shows you that sometimes your children need to show a little bit of independence. Some kids feel as if they are dependent on their parents to make every decision in life but eventually, they are going to have to make some on their own.

When you allow your children to make little choices early in life, it could really make a difference when they get older. Sometimes the choices turn out to be correct and at other times, it is just a choice.

In Kaylieann’s case, it was a decision that her father decided on his own that she was able to make. There really wasn’t a right or wrong, and in the end, he has a memory that he will cherish for a lifetime.

You can learn more about this special little girl and how she chose her own outfit that went viral in this video: