When Kristin came home with her foster mom Jodi, she was terribly frightened.

Jodi and her family had been fostering for 1o years, and they had never seen a dog as traumatized as Kristin.

Kristin stood in a corner outside that entire day. She wanted nothing to do with anyone else.

So, Jodi left out some food and water and let Kristin have her alone time.

They also tried to let Kristin know that they were not there to hurt her.

“My husband and I would take turns. Anywhere from 10 to 12 hours a day, and just let her know we aren’t going to do these sudden movements,” Jodi recalled. “

They just stood outside and sat near Kristin so that she knew they were friendly and that she wasn’t alone.

They did this for weeks before making any progress.

But the day finally came when Kristin was ready to come inside the house of her own. It brought tears to Jodi’s eyes.

“I felt at that moment she trusted that his house is a safe house,” Jodi recalled. “But we still had a ton of work to her because she would start running to the corner of the bathroom.”

Jodi really started feeling like her new house was her home after about a month or two.

At that point, she wanted to be around her new family. The family was very excited when Kristin got up from her comfy bed and walked over to Jodi’s husband just to get pets and loved on.

“That was huge for us,” said Jodi.

Kristin not only had a new human foster famil,y but she also had a new family of fellow dogs that lived in the house or were fosters cycling in and out.

Kristin got along very well with her new playmates.

According to Jodi’s foster page, Kristin had come from an abusive background.

She was rescued along with three of her mastiff siblings. That’s why Kristin was so untrusting of her foster family first.

“Charges were filed for severe cruelty and neglect as these mastiffs were found in horrendous conditions. Rescue stepped in and BDHP was able to save four of them (another rescue took the fifth). They are all currently in foster homes and will be available to adopt soon,” Jodi explains

Kristin’s other siblings also had emotional problems as well. But Jodi has proved that love heals all things.

Thanks to the love and care that Jodi provided, Kristin was like a brand-new dog.ADVERTISEMENT

She had totally came out of her shell and was the happy loving pup that she always deserved to be.

It was Jodi’s intention that once Kristin was all healed and healthy enough, she would be put up for adoption.

We’re happy to report that Kristin is an official foster fail. Jodi and her family decided that Kristin was a part of their family and would remain so forever.