Surprises at weddings are perhaps the best kind of surprises one could fathom. They may come in the shape of an unconvential wedding dance, a priest who goes the extra mile, or, as in this case here, a most unexpected guest. In all cases, such surprises help magnify an already splendid and magical day.

Groom Brad Hewitt certainly had a great surprise in store for his bride Melissa on the day of their wedding. The surprise took over 100 hours to plan, but the outcome – so worth it!

Just take a look at Melissa’s reaction in the video below, and you’ll understand why.  

Brad’s plan was simple: to surprise his bride Melissa by bringing in her favorite country artist, Mark Willis, to perform their first dance song live.

They begin the dance as expected, to the regular recorded version of her song – when suddenly, the music stops, as if because of a technical issue. Melissa takes it as well as can be, as they ‘figure out’ the technical problem. But moments later, when the song picks up again: it’s in fact Mark Willis, live on stage, right before her, who’s singing. 

Her reaction is absolutely unbeatable. What joy!

And then come the tears! Wonderful! Please share this video if you also thought Brad planned out the best surprise, most perfectly.