Former Britain’s Got Talent contestant Tom Ball made his way to AGT since he wanted to reach new heights.

He stunned judges and audiences overseas and has since become a sort of hero at the school where he teaches, but he’s far from done.

He loves teaching but he also loves singing.

And this time, Mr. Ball made history on America’s Got Talent: All-Stars, also known as AGT: All-Stars.

The 24-year-old high-school teacher and singer didn’t win in Britain.

He’s here now to show his students that even though he almost reached his dream and has since become famous, you can reach even higher.

His rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” during Monday’s episode reached the highest stars.

Ball has the usual pre-performance chat and introduction with the judges, and Simon actually recognized him.

But it’s this teacher’s singing that stops everyone and has them watching in awe.

Ball starts slow and subtle but as the song builds, so does his voice and his stage presence.

He really is a formidable singer and at that point, everyone, even host Terry Crews knew it.

It’s not easy to sing a classic and make it sound way better.

So how on earth did Ball not win BGT that year?

Maybe Simon has the answers.

“A lot of people thought Tom was going to win,” Cowell told the All-Stars crowd regarding last year’s BGT competition.

“I’m actually angry about something,” he added. “I wish this was the first time I’d ever heard Tom, in a weird way.”

“You’re like Susan Boyle’s grandson, because what you do is not what we expect,” Cowell said of Ball’s performance.

For all of you who know Susan Boyle, that is a huge compliment especially coming from someone like Simon Cowell.

Ball smiles and nods saying he’ll take that compliment!

Cowell had more to add saying, “This is the song that, I believe, if you had done this, you would have won Britain’s Got Talent that year. Because that was incredible.”Keep Watching

“The best performance I’ve seen all series.”


“You’re really amazing,” judge Howie Mandel added.

Heidi Klum chimed in to call Balls’s audition “larger than life”, and that he had the pipes to hit every note.

Ball, a proper English gentleman, was all smiles but the audience was already chanting “Golden Buzzer!”

Simon and Garfunkel’s classic sounds easy to sing but go ahead and try it, note for note, while balancing power and control of your voice.

The chanting had Terry Crews emerge from the curtains and join the three judges.

Listen to that crowd!

Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and host Terry Crews gave Ball the first Group Golden Buzzer of the show.

That sends him straight to the finals!

Ball’s got himself a dedicated fanbase but with this performance, he’s making loads more.

He’s only 24 so there’s just so many possibilities for this singing teacher. Let’s hope he wins this time!

Hit play below for Tom Ball’s golden performance!