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Why do people break up even if they love each other?

People join, and people separate. And why, for example, do a man and a woman who love each other separate? Why did Steve Harvey divorce 2 times and only then found his love.?

There are many reasons why a man and a woman enter into a relationship, and there are just as many reasons why they break up. After all, in relationships, we, first of all, look for the satisfaction of our demands. When the requirements stop being met for one reason or another, couples start thinking about separation.

Psychologists identify 5 main reasons why relationships in which love reigns suddenly end.

A book that has already been read

Over the years, it becomes difficult to remain an enigma-girl for a loved one, a partner also becomes like a well-read book over the years. It’s a dark moment, but everything can be fixed. The key is communication and discussing problems together.

Global changes

It happens when people meet for many years, but their interests and views change with life and they need something else. Conflicts of interest begin and as a result, people are separated. But if there was a desire, it would be possible to stay together, discuss the situation and create new common interests.

Sexual relations

At a certain point in the relationship, partners begin to notice that their life together ceases to resemble an endless honeymoon, and sex has become routine and no longer arouses desire. It is scary to realize that the relationship is rolling toward the abyss.

Try to diversify your sexual life, do not forget to talk with your partner, and what is not less important, be able to listen to him.

Lack of attention

At the very beginning, girls are ready to listen to boys for hours, and boys are ready to sing praises to their beloved for hours. Conversation topics are found instantly. Every word of the partner is accepted with the vibration of the heart. And with time, the previous lightness goes away, you just want to read a book or watch a movie.

In that case, the partner may feel useless, abandoned, and even lonely. If they don’t get enough attention in the family, they get it elsewhere. So the ability to spend time together is a very important component of a happy relationship.

Too jealous

No one wants to feel guilty all the time for no reason. The desire to lead the “second half” too much can appear in both men and women.

Jealousy begins to corrode feelings like rust corrodes metal. But the worst thing is that the jealous person is very often prone to cheating himself, that’s why he pays too much attention to the actions of his partner.

Steve Harvey reveals what he’s been keeping a secret from his wife.

Today, Steve Harvey is happily married and the couple tied the knot in June 2007.

Prior to that, the comedian and media mogul had two failed marriages.

His first marriage, to Marcia Harvey, resulted in two daughters and a son. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make their relationship work and finalized their divorce in 1994. Steve lost touch with his children while trying to conquer the world as a comedian.

With his second wife, Mary Shackelford, Steve had a son named Wynton. When they divorced in 2005, Steve claimed that their split wasn’t that dramatic.

But let’s head back to Steve and his current marriage.

Steve and Marjorie actually met as early as 1990. At the time, Steve was doing stand-up at a club in Memphis, Tennessee. Marjorie came to watch him one evening, but she was late and had to push her way through the crowd to reach her place in the front row.

That caught the attention of Steve, who stopped his show and just stared at the beautiful woman trying to find her seat. Marjorie got very nervous when Steve interrupted the show and everyone’s eyes landed on her.

Steve then said to the audience:

”I’m sorry, I do not know who this is, but I’m going to marry her.”

No one knew then and there that this would actually be the case.

During an episode of the Steve Harvey Show, which aired on Mother’s Day, the comedian once again showed how much he loves his wife.

Steve had invited Marjorie to the show and explained to her that he needed her help to celebrate a very ”special mother”.

Steve and his wife

Once in the studio, Harvey stood in front of the camera and his millions of viewers – while staring at his wife and saying:

“I don’t bring up exes and remember them or have any fond memories. I didn’t know anything until my wife came along,” Steve shared.

He could’ve done this privately but chose to do it on national television and that’s amazing. I respect Marjorie. You can just tell how much Steve loves her. This marriage isn’t like his previous ones, you can just tell that Steve is afraid to lose her. This is the kind of love that God intended man to have for his wife!