SAN DIEGO (CNS) – San Diego Police announced Monday that a 14-year-old at-risk boy who disappeared while at SeaWorld with his high school band has been found.

“Thank you for everyone’s help. Angel has been found and is being reunited with family,” the department said.

Angel Rodas-Ramirez was last seen Sunday at 5 p.m. when the students were allowed to go into the park for free time, according to San Diego Police.

Rodas-Ramirez took his clothing but left his cell phone behind, police said. He was considered at-risk because he has short-term memory loss and would not know how to get back to his home or last location.

His mother told ABC 10News that police informed her that a search dog picked up her son’s scent on a bus that went from the SeaWorld area to the Old Town area.

On Tuesday, a family spokesperson told ABC 10News, Rodas-Ramirez was found at the Escondido transit center. According to the spokesperson he slept overnight at a Jack in the Box.

“We’re unsure which location and how he was able to take a bus to Escondido,” the spokesperson said.