Life is indeed unpredictable. One day, you find yourself stealing a bar of snickers at a local 7/11 store in Hawaii, and the next, you’re one of the biggest superstars of this generation.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a video on his Instagram account sharing how he is trying to make up for his past mistakes.

In his Instagram post last November 29, 2022, Dwayne said that he was ready to exorcise the inner chocolate demon that’s been haunting him for decades.

Back in 1987, they evicted Dwayne and his family from Hawaii, but he never forgot something that he did long ago when he was just 14 years old.

The young Dwayne, who was just 14 would go to this local 7/11 branch.

There, he would steal a king-sized Snickers before heading out to the gym.

Why would a young man do this?
Dwayne’s confession had a simple answer. He couldn’t afford to buy himself a snicker.

“I was broke as hell,” he captioned the Instagram post of his pre-workout snack.

He said, somehow, there was only one clerk every day, and instead of busting him, she would just turn her head as if nothing happened.

Now that he’s older and has the money, he wants to set things straight

“I always knew I needed to go in and clean out every Snickers bar they had – the right way.”

Dwayne knew what he did was wrong, and he did that for almost a year without getting caught. Now, it’s his time to set things right.
Even with his fame, Dwayne felt he needed to redeem himself, even if no one else knew what he did, and that’s enough for him to set things right again.

In his video, we see the people taking photos of Dwayne as he entered the local 7/11 store wearing a shirt with a print that says “Ohana”.

For those who don’t know it, Ohana means family.
There, he headed straight to the snickers section and grabbed all of them.

He reached the register and asked the cashier, BK, to tally the bill.
In a funny scene, we see Dwayne tell his story to BK, while the cashier was trying his best to count all the snickers.

Once Dwayne realizes this, he laughed.

To give BK the time he needs, he accommodated the other people who were buying from the store. He told them he’ll be paying for their groceries as well.

Everyone cheered, and some asked for a photo.

The total bill was $298, and Dwayne even gave BK a tip for his outstanding help.

Before leaving, Dwayne said thank you and said that he would leave the bag full of Snickers on the cashier’s desk.

“If somebody looks like they’re stealing Snickers, give them these so they don’t steal it,” said Dwayne.

Before he ends the video, he shared how different he felt.

He said that being home and setting things right made him feel so nice and happy.

You can see how much weight had been lifted.

Since then, the clip had gained over 1.7 M views on Instagram alone.