After finding out that the lady didn’t have a dependable mode of transportation, the CEO of a hair business decided to throw a surprise party for her daughter’s teacher by giving her a brand new vehicle.

When Courtney Adeleye’s husband informed her that their daughter’s teacher took many buses each day to go to and from work, she felt that she needed to step in and provide a hand.

Adeleye, who serves as the CEO and inventor of The Mane Choice haircare products, together with her husband, who is a medical doctor, surprised the teacher at her place of employment with a brand new automobile that they had purchased for her.

The couple’s daughter, who is 11 years old, took a video of the moment when her parents brought the instructor outside to view her automobile for the first time.

“Are you serious?” the instructor yells out as her voice cracks with passion, “Oh my god! This is beyond my comprehension! You just simply have no idea.”

Adeleye writes in the subtitles of the video that the educator has never had a new automobile before and that being able to assist another person in their moment of need is how she determines whether or not she has achieved success.

“When my husband told me that the teacher who has been teaching my daughters for the last several years has been taking many buses to go to and from work every day in the scorching heat and cold! He suggested that we should offer her something, and I responded by saying, “Stop talking about it!”

“This is my answer when you ask me to explain what it means to be successful. (Donate to those who don’t have any expectations.)” Fans of Adeleye say that she is always willing to provide a hand to those in need.

The entrepreneur in the beauty industry initiated a scheme called “Cover My Bill,” in which she promises to pay the bill of one of her followers. Forbes claims that she has covered the expenses of more than 150 of her social media fans by paying their bills.

“It’s me telling the world that we can all participate in something and make a difference. It doesn’t have to be of the size of what I’m doing, but any initiative can assist.”