My husband and I have lived under the same roof as my mother-in-law since getting married. My mother-in-law has a very complicated character, she makes a story out of everything, but knowing her character, I have always tried to ignore her and not confront her.

My husband and I had our first child a few days ago, we were very happy, everything was fine until we got an obscure call.

A crazy person called and told my mother-in-law that my baby was another man’s child, it wasn’t her grandson.

My mother-in-law threw a tantrum, wouldn’t hear my excuses, threw my clothes out the window and kicked me and the baby out of the house.

I clearly say that I don’t know who the author of this phone call is, and I don’t know what he wants from us. All I know is that my whole family has been destroyed. I will do anything to find out who it was, and my mother-in-law should know how mean she has treated me. She should apologize to me for all of this and ask me to come home.